sebastiansdrawings said: According to some (like Jeremy Vickery in his Gnomon video on color and light) you need to deal with subsurface scattering, when drawing fur. Your tiger looks great as it is right now, btw. :)

Thanks for the tip and the encouragement! I’ll try to keep it in mind while I draw. Although I’m not exactly familiar with the technique, I plunged into the rabbit hole that is youtube tutorials, and am amazed I made it out alive! ;)


bsimser said: Lay down a base then lots of patience and strokes over top of it. Check out Acosta Images for some great…

I was worried that was the answer… A lack of patience is probably my biggest problem with this drawing. But man alive, his tiger must have taken forever!

And by the way, I love your drawings!


amyblogschow said: And! But like Sebastian’s Drawings said, your tiger sketch is great as is :)

Thank you for the references and the nice words! This “little” community makes Paper even better!

  1. sebastiansdrawings said: I’ve found a nice description of subsurface scattering: gurneyjourney.blogspot…. Although James only mentions materials like skin, marble and wax, I think it also applies to thick fur. :)
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